Brand Ambassadors & Street Teams for SXSW

We are getting PUMPED UP  and prepared for SXSW – 2019! With an abundance of amazing street team staffers, event managers and promotional models alike, We’re setting out to make a splash in Austin, TX!

Don’t let your brand miss out on one of the biggest (and pretty sweet) events of the year! Street teams are where it’s happening at South By! Email us today for a free, and pretty darn awesome (if we do say so ourselves) street team quote for SXSW! You will be surprised at how affordable promotional marketing can be! We fit into nearly every budget!

Check out some of our SXSW events and other street teams from the last few years!



SXSW Experiential Marketing Street Teams Lucky 415

Contact us today! or 415-365-0041!

We Hope to hear from you soon!

Lucky XP Marketing and Promotions

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