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Indiana Businesses

Our Commercial Print Services


At Lucky XP Marketing, we’re a full-service print studio that provides custom commercial printing solutions for Indiana businesses.
Discover our catalog of commercial printing services, below.

digital Printing

With high-volume presses in both black-and-white and digital color, we fulfill any order rapidly and efficiently. Facing a time crunch? Don’t stress! Let our commercial digital printing department handle it.

offset printing

Offset printing is used for any job that requires an abundance of printed products. This includes reports, catalogs, magazines, posters, and even books! We’ll reduce your load by tackling your large print jobs with ease.

Wide Format printing

Our wide format printing department offers a wide variety of substrates, including foam core, Correx, and vinyl materials. These options are perfect for highlighting the beauty of your branding.

Popular Promotional Materials


From brochures and booklets to posters and banners, we offer a diverse range of print services to meet the specific needs of your next promotional event. Our team of skilled designers and print professionals boast access to advanced techniques and equipment.

This enables us to produce enchanting marketing materials that are certain to maximize awareness and engagement. But not everyone is well-versed in the language used by commercial printing companies. So, in everyday terms, what can we produce for you?

Save 10% with your first order with us.

Brochures and Posters

Full-color brochures and posters are custom-made to inform customers about your products, services, sales, and events. Best of all, you’ll save 10% off your first order with us!

Business cards start at $12.00

Business Cards

Find a business card that reflects your personality and branding. Starting at just $12.00, you can customize your card by paper type, thickness, styles, finish, and more!
A product made by a full-service promotional material print studio in IN

10% off when you order 1000 or more

Custom Notebooks

Notebooks are customized by size, paper type, style, and finish to fit your notation needs. Find a notebook you love today, and save 10% when you order 1000 or more.

As low as $.90 per unit when you buy in bulk.


Booklets can be personalized to provide customers with a snippet of information on your brand, service, or products. We have multiple sizes and finishes, and buying in bulk reduces the cost-per-unit to as low as 90-cents!

Large Format Printing

Create stunning, custom-printed materials that ensure your message is memorable. Whether you need large prints, foam core, yard signs, or banners, large format printing provides cost-effective solutions that make a big impact.


Custom, full-color brochures start at $41 dollars per 50 units, making it affordable to detail what you offer.


Starting at $15 per 10, custom-printed announcements ensure that nobody misses your next big sale!


With several sizes and designs to choose from, your official correspondence can be elegant, fun, or professional.


Flyers are customized and shipped direct to your door — so you only have to worry about the sudden influx of eager customers.

Maximize Awareness for Your Next Event with Commercial Printing

If you need a commercial print shop to create stunning and high-quality marketing materials for your events, then you’re looking for Lucky XP Marketing.

With our exceptional services and commitment to quality, you can be confident that your promotional materials will outshine the competition.

For full-service, black-and-white and commercial color printing services, contact our team today.

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