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148 Cooper river dr, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29464


Where markets do you staff?

We staff all over the USA, Canada, and puerto rico.

do you have set rates?

no. all of our rates are customized based on your needs, locations needed, and quantity of events booked. our rates are inclusive of our agency so what you see is what you will pay.

are there minimum hours required  for staffing?

Yes. We do have a 4 hour minimum for booking so our teams can be paid for all time associated with the events.

do you have licensed staff?

Our team members will be licensed per your needs and per state. Most states vary per what is needed and we will keep all records on file for you based on your needs.

do you offer certificate of insurances?

yes, we are licensed and insured and will provide COIs to our clients on a needed basis.

do we receive recaps?

Our teams complete their recaps no later than 24 hours after they work. These are then turned over to our clients ASAP!

do you offer branded materials?

yes! We offer a full range of branded materials and printed items for your events and giveaways.

Can we pick which staff members are working?

if you have specifications for your brand, we will only send you those candidates that fit your needs and if you have a history with top notch ambassadors, we can reach out to them first for your events.