At Lucky XP, we specialize in providing top-notch event staffing services to elevate your brand presence and make your events unforgettable. Our dedicated team of professionals is well-versed in a variety of event staffing roles, ensuring a seamless and impactful execution of your marketing strategies.

Our teams promote your products, brand, or services through in-person interactions. These interactions become your first impression on many consumers, so you want to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Choose from our diverse range of event staffing services:

Brand Ambassadors

Our charismatic brand ambassadors are the face of your brand. They create meaningful connections with your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

Special Event Staff

For those exclusive events that demand a special touch, our specialized event staff is trained to handle the unique requirements and nuances of premium gatherings.

Street Teams & Guerrilla Marketing

Engage your audience on the streets with our dynamic street teams, implementing guerrilla marketing tactics to capture attention and drive brand awareness. Get creative and unconventional with out-of-the-box strategies to maximize impact and create buzz around your brand.

Retail Demos

Bring your products directly to your customers with our retail demo teams. We showcase your offerings and drive sales through interactive and informative demonstrations.

Liquor Sampling

Create memorable experiences and generate interest in your beverages with our liquor sampling teams. We’re expertly trained to showcase the unique qualities of your products.

Sign Spinners

Make a statement with our energetic sign spinners who skillfully attract attention and guide traffic towards your business or event.

Doorhanger Teams

Target specific locations with our doorhanger teams. We deliver your message directly to the doors of your potential customers for a personalized touch.

Residential Sales Marketing

Penetrate local markets effectively with our residential sales marketing teams. Employ customized strategies for neighborhood engagement and lead generation.

Our Commercial Printing Services

Looking to expand your brand? Let our print marketing team help.

Unlock the power of print with our versatile print marketing solutions, ranging from digital printing to offset printing and wide format printing. We’ll take your target demographics and plan a marketing strategy that works for your brand.

We’ll advertise in places your customers congregate.

Digital Printing

Experience flexibility and speed with our digital printing services, ideal for short runs, variable data, and quick-turnaround projects that demand precision.

Offset Printing

Achieve high-quality, cost-effective prints with our offset printing services, perfect for large volume projects and maintaining consistent color reproduction.

Wide Format Printing

Make a bold statement with our wide format printing capabilities, suitable for large-scale graphics, banners, and displays that command attention.

Our Promotional Materials

Getting your name out at trade shows, conventions, and events empowers your brand to reach your target audience more effectively. In fact, did you know that a single promotional item averages 344 impressions per month?

Moreover, 89% of people who are given a promotional item remember the advertiser that gave it to them. Enhance your brand visibility with our comprehensive range of promotional materials and services.

From branded materials to kitting and fulfillment, we’ve got you covered. Purchase promotional products together with event services to magnify your ROI per item.

Branded Materials

Stand out from the crowd with our high-quality branded materials, including promotional merchandise, signage, and collateral that reflect the essence of your brand.


Efficiently package and distribute promotional items with our kitting services. This ensures a cohesive and organized presentation of your brand offerings.

Fulfillment Services

Streamline your promotional efforts with our fulfillment services. We’ll manage your inventory, packing, and shipping to guarantee a hassle-free experience for your brand and customers.
  • street teams
  • retail demos
  • festival teams
  • liquor demos
  • guerilla marketing
  • Auto Shows
  • characters and handlers
  • Models
  • sign spinners
  • College street Teams
  • In-Store Demonstrations
  • Nationwide Street-teams
  • concerts and tours
  • hiring events and marketing
  • Grand opening teams (Nationwide)
  • Grassroots/Viral Marketing
  • Golf tournament teams
  • marketing managers
  • construction marketing
  • direct sales
  • door to door teams
  • residential sign placements/marketing
  • fiber internet marketing
  • fiber internet construction services
  • lead generation/surveys
  • market research
  • postering teams
  • direct mail
  • print marketing
  • design services
  • branded apparel
  • branded giveaways
  • embroidery
  • screen printing
  • engraving services
  • and much more!

Boost Your Marketing with Our Event Services & Commercial Printing

Ready to make a lasting impact with your events and marketing materials? Whether you need dynamic event staffing, captivating promotional materials, or powerful print marketing solutions, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Elevate your brand presence and create memorable experiences that resonate with your audience. Your success starts at Lucky XP — let’s make it happen together!

Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and let’s turn your ideas into reality.

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