Case Studies

Street teams

Lucky Marketing has provided street teams for multiple clients that always end in success.. Our staff gets face to face with potential consumers while making meaningful connections throughout the US and Canada. Our teams are ready to make any street marketing campaign a success.

Guerrilla Marketing

Lucky Marketing has provided Guerrilla marketing teams for clients such as Amazon, UPS, Dollar General, Meta, and more over the last 21 years. Guerilla marketing  is a way to drive publicity and create new brand awareness by promoting brands face to face.

Special event teams

Special events are one of our favorite events to work with for many reasons. We have clients that request specific types of teams for events such as the super bowl, celebrity appearances, night life events, tradeshows and more. Click the button to read about some of our past events.

Sign Spinners

Lucky Marketing has provided sign spinners for some of the nations largest companies. Sign spinners can be used to grab the attention of consumers for special events. Our spinners know how to get a reaction. Learn more by clicking below.

Residential Campaigns

Lucky Marketing has provided residential marketing campaigns for the last 15 years. Our clients need residential campaigns for many reasons. This could be construction sign placements, doortag placements, or door to door sales. We are one of the nations most qualified companies for residential campaigns to keep you compliant.

Nightlife events

Lucky Marketing has over 21 years of experience providing event staff, brand ambassadors and product specialist for in-store demonstrations of products from candy to liquor samplings. We ensure that our staff is properly licensed and compliant with your state’s alcohol sales laws. 

Retail Demos

 Lucky Marketing has partnerships with most retail locations throughout the United States. We are professionals at telling a story in retail stores and in the field. What our clients love most is that we know how to get them sales. We have worked retail locations in several states as well as grand opening events when it counts most.

Promotional Materials

Lucky Marketing is a top rated distribution company in the US. From promotional gifts to logoed sportswear, promo products are everywhere and Lucky is here to help you succeed in every possible way. We will always be ready to give you our best pricing.

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