H-Factor Retail Demos

H-Factor water is a hydrogen enriched water that helps boost your recovery after a work out or helps you recovery faster during intense heat. One of the best benefits from H-Factor is the reduced inflammation that you will receive when you work out.
While H-Factor has all of these benefits, how does this get to the consumer? How will the consumer really understand that WATER can do that for them? That is where LuckyMarketing comes in. We are professionals at telling a story in retail stores and in the field. Working with HFactor for several years now they know when it comes to events, we know how to get sales. We have worked retail locations in several states as well as grand opening events when it counts most. We have also worked Music Festivals and Events to help promote the water when it is hot, humid, and people really need to hydrate fast.
Our teams can work in any environment and get the job done right!



Retail & Liquor in store demos

Lucky Marketing has over 15 years of experience providing event staff, brand ambassadors and product specialist for in-store demonstrations of products from candy to liquor samplings.