Facebook Tradeshow and Convention Staff

Facebook business gives businesses the latest tools and insights for succeeding on #Facebook and #Instagram. Small businesses learn from experts, local organizations, and other businesses in the area. Attendees walk away with the resources they need to grow their business through #boostyourbusiness.
Our team works these events all over the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We have been the Facebook team since Feb. 2017. Our team works the Registration desk, photo team leads, wayfinders, and more. Each event could need something different based on the number of attendees at the event. These teams are tons of fun for our teams!





SweetSpot Labs

Lucky Marketing’s Event Staff helped out at multiple conventions in the US. Greeting clients and providing those well sought after samples to get the word out about an all natural new product on the market. Our staff was there to answer the call for SweetSpot labs! We are proud to promote all natural products for women!